Wayback Sound was a small sound company owned by Robert Harker. It started in 1979 when Robert built some speakers and bought some sound equipment to do sound for The Waybacks. Wayback Sound did sound for many of the local bands including The Waybacks, [[Art and the Paganhearts]], Joe Cuba and the Tokyo Negroes, Mighty High, Ms Guided, Peer Pressure, Thin Ice and Kilgore Trout.

Wayback Sound's equipment started with a Yamaha 8 channel powered mixer, Delta Graph 10 band graphic EQ's, JBL K130/EV midrange/tweeter front speakers and a bunch of 12" El CheapO speakers w/ a piezo monitor speakers. The next big upgrade was to build a pair of scoop bass bins with JBL K-140's, add a pair of Altec 291 high frequency drivers with white EV constant directivity horns and upgrade the monitors to JBL K120's with Altec 808 drivers on Harbinger horns. About this time the mixer was upgraded to a 12 channel Bi-Amp 1202 mixer. The next upgrade was to add a second pair of bass bins and replace the Altec/EV horns with JBL 2440's on Community BRH (Big Radial Horn) and bi-amp the whole rig. The monitors were replaced with JBL K130's with JBL 2420 high frequency drivers on fiberglass clones of EV horns. These were in low profile enclosures designed by Robert Harker based on the Harbinger floor monitor design.

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