WikiSCUM is a collaborative project and its founder and contributors have a common goal, to create a reliable and free encyclopedia of the history and currency of underground music in Santa Cruz County, California.

If the article written about you or your band sounds dull or matter-of-fact, don't let that dissuade you. WikiSCUM is a living, breathing document, and everything can be improved. Make changes as you see fit - just be honest, and don't exaggerate. Also, remember, you do not own the article about your band. This is an encyclopedia. Other people may make changes to the content and formatting of your band's article. Don't be upset if that happens.

This leads us to a burning question, should bands edit their own band articles?


  • People will be more interested in editing WikiSCUM
  • People know more about their own band than other people do


  • People will focus so much on their own article, that they won't read or edit other articles
  • No one can have a neutral point of view when they are writing about themselves

As the policy stands now, you may write about yourself and about your band. But keep in mind, that what you write needs to be encyclopedic and lean toward a neutral point of view. Also, don't forget to add content to other articles on WikiSCUM. This project depends on it. There are many ways to help.

Also, keep in mind, WikiSCUM is an encyclopedia. It is a written compendium of knowledge. WikiSCUM is not an advertising medium, home page service, press release service or public relations service. Such services should be housed at your own homepage or the homepage of the label that supports you. Links from WikiSCUM articles can and will be made to such pages.

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