The objective of this Manual of Style is to provide guidelines for maintaining visual and textual consistency. Adherence to the following guidelines is not required; however, usage of these guidelines is recommended. By maintaining consistency, WikiSCUM will be read, written, edited, navigated, and used easier by both readers and editors.

New contributors are reminded that clear, informative, and unbiased writing is more important than presentation and formatting. Writers are not expected or required to follow all or any of these rules: the joy of wiki editing is that perfection is not required.

Opening paragraphEdit

The opening paragraph should give:

  1. City or town they represent (Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, etc.)
  2. Music genre (psychobilly, indie, hardcore, etc.)
  3. Current members with associated instruments listed in parenthesis immediately after the member's name
  4. Their most significant accomplishments
  5. If the band is defunct, the range of years they played in Santa Cruz
  6. If the band moved away from Santa Cruz County, the range of years they played in Santa Cruz County, the year and destination of their move
  7. If all the members grew up in Santa Cruz County, that they are homegrown
  8. If the band is defunct or inactive, mention of what the current members are up to

For example:

Central paragraphsEdit

Preferably in the following order, the central paragraphs of a band's article should address:

  1. When and how the band met, and who were the original members
  2. A description of the band's sound (and its evolution), and the band's significance and influence within Santa Cruz County
  3. Personnel changes
  4. Good stories
  5. How the band chose their name, and what the name means


If the band has one or more recordings available, add ==Discography== and list each release chronologically, from oldest to most recent. Please use the following format:

  • Record title (date) label. description/comments.

External linksEdit

If the band has one or more external links, add ==External links== at the end. For consistancy sake, please use the plural links even if there is only one external link.

External links should be limited to:

  • The official band webpage
  • Band pages created by labels
  • Band pages placed on community websites (such as Myspace)
  • Fan pages (if useful to readers)
  • Articles appearing in Santa Cruz County newspapers (such as the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Metro Santa Cruz)

Contact informationEdit

With a band's permission, list contact emails, mailing addresses and/or phone numbers. Use [[Contact information]] as the heading.

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