Once you've read the Uploading images page, here are some specific things to consider when uploading flyers.

Naming conventionsEdit

To keep a consistancy for uploaded flyers, please use a MMDDYY format for its name, reflecting the date of the show it advertises. For example, use 080602.jpg for a flyer for an August 6, 2002 show. Be sure there isn't already an uploaded flyer by that name. If there is, then use 080602a.jpg.

Add flyer to the list of showsEdit

After uploading the file, locate the flyer's show on the lists of shows. If the show is not listed, then add it. At the end of the show listing, [[:Image:080602.jpg|flyer]]. This will allow readers with one click to view the show's associated flyer.

Add flyer to the gallery of flyersEdit

Next, add the flyer to the gallery of flyers. Go to Flyers and add Image:080602.jpg to the list. Please place the image name chronologically.

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