WikiSCUM tries to adhere to a neutral point of view policy. There are many words and phrases that are inappropriate for an article because they infringe on such a policy.

In general, words or expressions should be avoided that are:

1. Ambiguous or non-specific. (See below: Avoid weasel terms)
2. Pejorative or offensive
3. Condescending towards the reader
4. Flattering or very positive. (See below: Avoid peacock terms)

Specific words or phrases to avoid Edit

  • Amusingly
  • As legend has it... (often a screen for lazy research)
  • Clearly
  • Naturally
  • Obviously
  • So-called
  • Sucks
  • The best

What about however? Edit

"A asserts Y. However, according to B, Z." implies that the latter assertion is truer or better than the former one. Avoid this construction in favor of simply stating: "A asserts Y. Others, including B, believe Z.", although even the simple order of presentation raises concerns about neutrality.

Avoid weasel terms Edit

Avoid peacock terms Edit

Sources Edit

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