Wrestling Worms (The Worms) was a Santa Cruz band throughout most of the 1980s. A large band of mostly UCSC undergraduates of diverse background, its style of composition was a kind of natural selection, a process of jamming and noodling, a rehashing of favorite bits, accretion and collective editing, which produced a surprisingly refined, novel and eclectic music, typically filed as "alternative college radio".

The Worms evolved and performed throughout their career, on campus at UCSC, around town at (large) house parties and in clubs throughout the Bay Area, finally making a tour up as far as Vancouver, opening for Camper van Beethoven.

The line-up of band members changed and grew from its mythical birth more-or-less in (then) College Five (now Porter College). One version of the story has Richard J. West ("Richie") and Andrew Bigler one day deciding they were bored, so why not have a band? and they could ask that guy down the hall, Steve Horn, who had a saxophone if he wanted to have a band with them, and Steve said "Sure!", so then they had a band. Sort of, except nobody could play anything except Steve a little bit, so Victor Krummenacher (bass) and Justin Bishop (guitar) quickly came on board. Richie found some drums and started to learn to play them, and Andrew did the words.

Other people were invited to play along, or simply were assimilated. Occasionally someone would drop out. Eventually the band featured two drummers with kits, with the bass being shared. Others who played with Wrestling Worms included:

The Worms as such discorporated around the end of 1988, with fond memories, to pursue it's life more widely in other places, in other media.